torsdag 11 mars 2010

Thursday Tribute #13 - Kristina Werner

The days just flies by and it´s already Thursday again! And as you know by now Thursday means tribute time! I have started something called Thursday Tribute in my blog to celebrate the people who inspires me to be creative. I think we all can be better to encourage and promote eachother, both on blogs and in real life and this is my contribution to that! I also send a handmade card to the person I tribute.

As you probably noticed by now this is my first international tribute and that is why I make it in English. I am a little nervous for this tribute, not just because of the language, but because I am going to send it to one of my big heroes in the cardmaking world - Today my tribute goes to you, Kristina Werner.

I can´t remember the first time I visited your blog Kristina, but I can surely remember the feeling. I had just started out making some cards and I thought that I had got from really bad to quite good at it. Until I found your blog... I remeber it like it was a whole new world that was opening for me and I spent a couple of hours just t look around on your site and try to learn everything that you did. =) One thing I learned was that you americans have a different style of your cards than we scandinavians have. You have a cleaner and softer style which I loved right away. And your cards Kristina, were the reason why.

Just one of my favorite cards by Kristina

I strongly remember when I first saw your videos. This must be 1 1/2 - 2 years ago and it was the first time that I actually saw anyone else but me make a card. I had up til then just made my own way around and I did things I just thought was right until I saw your videos. They are all fantastic and after seeing you and your crafts I realized I needed A LOT of new things to help me out in my crafting. =) I relly want to thank you for your videos that you´re still doing. They are all SO helpful and inspiring.

Lovely card from Kristina

One thing I really liked was the Color Challenges! I love create from colors and I think I made about 50 cards or so from your challenges. They were so inspiring and I love you for taking your time to see every card to decide who was on your Top 5. I think that says a lot about you and your big heart! I understand that it took a lot of time, but I hope that you can throw in a new color combo now and then (like you did couple of weeks ago). They are so popular all over. One week I made it to top 5 with my card and I remeber the day like it was yesterday. I danced aroundhere in my home and my fiance thought I lost it and gone crazy... I remeber it so well beacuse my visitor statistics on my blog went all time high and I think it was that day that i decided to give my blog some more love and put some more effort into it. And I am very grateful for that today!

Beautiful card by Kristina

I think you changed my whole view on this crafting-cardmaking-scrpping-thing. You had such a proffessional blog and made everything with such a high standard that I realized that I wanted to make my crafting more proffessional too. You have a fabulous blog with fantastic photos, you are so inspiring with all your videos, crafts and Q & A:s and you seems like a person who care a lot of your readers. And that´s a person who I want to become someday. And if I just reach 10 % of all that, I will be happy.

Another lovley card by Kristina

So Kristina, I come quite far in my tribute to you without even mention you as a cardmaker. =) To me you are more than that. I don´t need to go into details about your wonderful cards, that always have the perfect balance, interesting mix of materials and wonderful color combinations. I hope you already know that. I also hope you understand my English which I haven´t used in quite a while. I will finish this tribute by thank you for all your inspiring work and that you share it on your blog. You are true inspiration to many crafters out there, and this is my tribute to you!

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  1. Oh, you're so sweet! Thank you so much for the kind words. It totally made my day. :)

  2. Vilket trevligt inlägg!

  3. Åh, jag tokgillar henne också! Har nog sett varenda video på youtube, både starofmay och twopeasinabucket 2 eller 3 gånger :)